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The concept of this CD is based on State Highway Route 460 in our home state - Virginia. We were driving Eastbound on Route 460 out of Roanoke, VA to a show one day and were talking about how many hours we have spent on this highway traveling to our performances over the last several years. It just seemed an appropriate tribute to name our new CD "Route 460".

The songs we select for the CD are the core of the concept - we have completed six songs for the project to date. Our goal is to complete at least 12 songs for the CD. The songs capture the distinct vibe of RagTop.

As we began to develop the cover art - keeping the concept in mind - we thought that a restored vintage 50s - early 60s gas station would be perfect. The vintage station used for our cover art is located on Williamson Rd in Roanoke, VA - with the photo shoot completed and some photo editing - the cover art was complete.